This announcement was recently made by the Town Manager for Castle Rock, Colorado. 

This is a significant milestone in the growth and evolution of the community, Town Manager Mark Stevens said in a memo to Town Council.

The estimated population of 50,028 as of the end of January makes Castle Rock the 17th largest incorporated municipality in the state, and the largest municipality to call itself a Town. Our designation as a Town is established in the Town Charter, and there is no meaningful distinction between a town and city.

Castle Rock incorporated in 1881, with 88 residents. At the 1990 Census, the Town had 8,708 residents. Significant population growth has occurred since then, with the population reaching 20,224 at the 2000 Census and 48,231 at the 2010 Census.

The Town’s latest population estimate is not an official designation by any regional, state or federal agency. Town estimates have proven fairly accurate, however, and were only off by 700 residents at the 2010 Census.

The Town estimates that our buildout eventually will occur at about 100,000 residents, meaning that we are at the midpoint on our journey to becoming that community, Stevens said.

Not only is the milestone historically significant, but it also means that the Town may have enhanced economic development opportunities, as some companies only consider communities with 50,000 or more residents acceptable locations for business development.